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About Joshua

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

My focus is what surrounds me everyday...scenes typical of the Midwest. Too often, we think we need to travel to exotic places to capture beauty. My vision is to portray the beauty of real places and real scenes. An old barn that stands alone, clusters of flowers growing in a field before it is tilled and planted, or a tree that stands along a fence witness to the weather and cycle of the natural world that repeats daily and nightly. The character of the landscape that may seem to be static and unchanging is being continuously altered by the changing light, the season and moon phase, and the weather. When the sunlight peeks above the horizon or breaks through the wooded canopy to highlight the forest floor, or when light from our sun fades and the features of our galaxy become visible, we are witness to a unique moment in time.

As a photographer and professional geologist, my passion for both art and science stems from my love of the outdoors and wonder of our natural world. In both cases, I interpret the environment and am passionate in my quest to communicate my interpretation and beauty of the natural world and my surroundings. As an astrophotographer, I am constantly amazed and always excited to observe and reveal to others the beauty of our galaxy. As a landscape astrophotographer and landscape photographer, I aim to make our surroundings come to life through colors and scenery.

From astrophotography to landscape astrophotography and landscape photography, the camera for me is a tool and the data gathered is the foundation upon which I begin to either separate signal from noise in order to view what the unaided eye cannot see, or shape the light to visually portray the mood of the landscape and infuse the image with the emotional content that I experience while being at the location. Sometimes, I use multiple exposures of the same scene blended together for increased tonal range and image quality. Other times, I carefully alter colors and contrast to bring focus and attention to the elements of a composition that are impactful to me. I use whatever technique I find pertinent to fulfill my vision.

My goal and hope is that you will have as much pleasure in viewing my images as I had in creating them.


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